forest hill village streetscape

view of the park entry

This project creates a northern gateway entrance to Forest Hill Village, and a community gathering area at Suydam Park. Rather than a fixed gateway, or a gazebo gathering area, this project proposes that the whole side of the park frontage act as a gateway to draw in views, enhance the park’s street presence, and encourage public use at the edge of the park – not just in it. The project comprises forest-like groupings of light posts including a sign post at the north end, and a custom, modular, polished pre-cast bench system that incorporates planting, all organically organized amongst existing trees. The granite paving extends into the park to create a new oval stage and community gathering space in the park. Black paving and dark green and white seat/planters mirror the black and white south gateway park, bookending the Village. The benches have been extended into the village as part of the street frontage for a new parking lot, and a new similar small street planter will be extended throughout the village in the next year.

Looking into the park from the south

View into the park at the south entry

View of the planter benches

The new planter benches

View of the stage area

The central stage

View of the south entry

Daytime view of the south entry and light posts

View of the planter benches and street edge

The street edge during the opening

View of the crowd at the opening

Opening day.

The band at the opening (photo by Yvonne Bambrick)

The Red Rhythm playing at the opening.

Concept Plan rendering

Concept Plan of the Park

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