The inside planting bed

PLANT was commissioned to create the entry garden for the 2008 Canada Blooms Trade Show. Responding to the show’s theme of “Flower Power,” Macroscape creates an illusory zone where the visitor’s sense of scale is shifted to allow for macroscopic scrutiny. The visitor is first dwarfed by a grove of giant flowers rendered in steel, then choreographed into dancing shadows, and finally is enveloped in an intense meadow of yellow plantings.

In this intense, three-part threshold, flowers are writ large in keeping with their importance to our environment – literally giving power to the flower. These giant flowers define a forecourt that functions as a public meeting place and resting spot for tradeshow-goers. Challenging the garden convention of having colour change with the seasons, this garden space demonstrates how the same intense colour can be maintained through all seasons. Here, plants and textures transform over time.

Macroscape won the Canada Blooms/OALA Best Overall Garden Award, the Certified Landscape Designer Award, and the Best Overall Use of Plantings Award.

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View of the entry area

The Giant Flower Court

View of the “bug” in the entry area

The Bug

Detail view of the entry

Visitors beneath the Steel Trees in the Entry Court

View from the entry doors

An island of planting

Side view of the meadow

The yellow meadow emerges

View of the seating area

The seating area immersed in the planting

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