Woodlawn Residence

View of the North Facade

The scope of this project included extensive interior renovations to a downtown three-storey house, including raising the third floor dormer roof, rear façade renovations, and extensive built in millwork. The house borders a shallow ravine to the north, with stunning views to the rear which none of the rooms took advantage of. The renovations focused on connecting the interior with the outside ravine while creating an exciting interconnection of interior spaces. The ground floor was almost completely rearranged to provide a layered, continuous flow of entertainment space that always has the ravine as the backdrop. Side windows were frosted to ensure the view focused on the ravine. Second floor windows were reconfigured to rationalize the façade and view. The third floor addition (raising the sloped roof) provides a continuous panoramic window for the new master bedroom and ensuite bath at the level of the tree canopies like a treehouse. Volumetric layering of the interior was achieved by using panels of frosted glass, wall slots, metal mesh curtains, lighting, and layering of shifted colours.

The Woodlawn Residence was the recipient of a 2007 DX Gold Award (Interior Design / Residential).

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View from the Living Room to the Kitchen

View of the Dining Room and Kitchen

View of the Breakfast Nook

The Breakfast Nook

View of the Kitchen Island

The Kitchen from the Dining Room

Detail of the sink and microwave in the Island

Detail of the Island

View of the bed and window in the Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

View to the Garden

The Master Bath and view to the Garden

The coat rack in the Front Entry

The Vestibule Coat Rack

Vestibule Bench

The Vestibule Bench

Detail View of the Fireplace

The Fireplace

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