Whitecap Road Residence

Site Sketch

Conceptual Perspective

Renovations to this 1950’s bungalow capitalizes on the compressed one-storey space by creating long and wide panoramic views of the ravine at the rear. This is accomplished by creating long full height strip windows, and the removal of most of the interior walls. (The entire ground floor has been gutted and reworked). Rooms and domestic service areas (closets, kitchen island, freestanding office wall) float freely in this new horizontal space. The work includes a new basement studio and walk out, new front vestibule addition, deck, and landscape at the rear reforming to create a better transition between house and garden. Phase 2 of the work will include a freestanding studio, and master bedroom addition – a vertical wood space that relates directly to the space of the trees, and contrasts with the horizontal space of the interior.

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Construction View of the Closet and Pantry

Freestanding coat closet and pantry (during construction)

Construction View of the Kitchen

View through the kitchen to the exterior (during construction)

Construction View of the Rear Deck and yard

Rear deck and grass ramp (during construction)

Construction View of the Rear Deck

Rear deck (during construction)

Construction View of the Front Vestibule

Front vestibule entry (during construction)

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