Tree House

View of the bedroom loft

This third floor addition provides a kid’s dream bedroom-playroom suite while generating a house renewal by infiltrating light down through the centre. Perched atop the existing dormer like a tree house loft, the addition brings in multi-layered light and views of the mature trees and sky. Reached by an open stair of bamboo and acrylic, the new room is bathed in light from the front, rear and top. Sculpting three zones for sleep and play, the room – with its built in cabinetry, chalk wall, and whiteboard walls – creates drama and drawing-play zones with lofts, perches, hidden stairways and nooks, and lots of wall surface to cover with drawings. Cabinetry and flooring is bamboo throughout, with the stair accented with dark oak to tie into the existing Victorian house detailing.

View of the upper windows

Looking up at the layered clerestories

View of the bedroom looking north

Looking North to the garden

View of the bedroom nook

The sleeping nook

View of the bedroom looking south

Looking south towards the nook

View of the bedroom looking south

View south to the street-side windows

View of the closet

The closet and stair/book-case

View of the blackboard

The blackboard and stair enclosure

View of the stair

View of the stair from below

View of the stair

Side view of the stair and sky light

View of the addition from the Garden

Looking up from the Garden

View of the house and addition

The dormers from the street

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