Tranby Avenue Residence

View of the Kitchen Sink

This narrow kitchen is a natural gallery, with a dramatic floor-to-ceiling wall of upper cabinets on one side and a formidable display of art on the opposing brick wall. Through the design, colour and surface of the upper cabinets are manipulated playfully in order to break up the height and to respond to existing constraints of the room, such as the window and the archway. Deep plum, plum and russet stained oak compete on the same footing with existing mahogany antiques and the exposed brick wall. A built-in island table can be shifted around to accommodate four people and provide additional side-board space.

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View of the West Wall

West Window Wall

View of the Kitchen Table

Built-in Table and Sideboard

View of the West Wall looking South

West Wall Looking South

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Tranby Garden : Tranby Front Garden