owl cottage


This seaside project doubled the size of a tiny, humble cottage to provide space for an expanding family and to allow all three generations to vacation together. Connected with the enclosed breezeway that houses the landside and waterside entries, the new addition reorients the common spaces to the sea with its deeply sloped roof, and houses a large living room, kitchen, and sleeping loft.

The building form promotes natural ventilation and protects from vicious storms whilst boldly displaying the panoramic ocean with wrap-around windows. The existing house was lightly renovated to expand the dining room and create an extra bedroom.

View of the house from the beach

View from the beach

View of the house from the beach

Low tide

Interior view towards the bedroom wing

View towards the Dining Room

View of the house at night from the road

The house at night

View of the Northumberland Strait from the house

The view from the house (*not designed by PLANT)

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