greer road residence

View of the front garden

In addition to the front and rear gardens, we transformed the interior of this reserved neo-Georgian house into a relaxed and colourful space punctuated by a bold scheme of deep reds, vibrant oranges, and cool blues, and framed by modern lighting throughout. The kitchen cupboards were replaced by new two-tone oak cabinetry including curved cabinets that lead into the dining room. These updates enlivened the formerly drab interior and gave new life to the existing granite countertops. Millwork was also completed throughout the house and included a new accessories rack at the entry and custom media wall.

The master bathroom was recently gutted and transformed with new marble and glass tiling, watery millwork, new fixtures and lighting.

View of the front hall

The front entry cubbies

View of the kitchen

View of the kitchen and eating counter

View of a kitchen cabinet

Detail of the curved pantry

View of the bathroom

View of the Master Bathroom

View of the bathtub

View of the soaking tub

View of the tile

Detail of the tile edge

View of the floor drain

Detail of the floor drain

View of the vanity

View of the main vanity

View of the drawer pulls

Detail of the main vanity drawer pulls

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