east point park bird sanctuary

View of the soundscape pavilion

This Toronto project is part of a citywide initiative to enhance and protect bird habitat and increase birding activity through public education programming. East Point Park is the first of six key sites to be developed and improved over the next several years. Its two Phase One architectural structures, a Viewing Pavilion and Bird Blind, are complete; a Soundscape Pavilion is planned for Phase Two. Connected by new and rehabilitated paths and framed by interpretive signage and seating, these unobtrusive architectural interventions will enhance the structure of the site to promote public use and foster stewardship in support of bird habitat in the city.

The design explores the use of architecture as a means of framing, enhancing, and respecting the natural qualities of one of Toronto’s most beautiful parks. Folded into shapes evocative of flight, sheets of weathering steel form the pavilions. Laser cut through the Viewing Pavilion’s walls are clouds of birds on the wing and names of species spotted at this significant migratory flyway stopover site.

View of the main pavilion

The Viewing Pavilion with the species screen

View of the main pavilion

The Viewing Pavilion and the pond

View of the bird screen

Detail of the bird species screen


The Viewing Pavilion emerging from the woods


The Viewing Pavilion at sunset


Entry signage


Approach to the Bird Blind


The Bird Blind


The Bird Blind on the pond's edge


Detail of the Bird Blind

View of the birdblind and marsh

Rendering of the bird blind

View of the main pavilion

The Viewing Pavilion

View of the soundscape pavilion

The Soundscape Pavilion

location map

Location Map

bird sanctuary map

Detail map showing the pavilions

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