aporia records

View of the building on Gerard Street

Founded in 1999, Aporia Records is an integrated label and music publisher. In 2013 they purchased a 3.5 storey industrial building to create a new downtown head office to administer and promote musical artists. The multi-level interior includes offices at the upper and lower floors, an event space for shows at the ground floor facing onto the street, two soundproof music rooms for musicians to practice and produce, and a mezzanine to overlook the event space. The 3.5 levels are flooded with light from the storefront and multiple skylights, including a skylight over the stair connecting all of the levels. Twin-wall acrylic and glass is used throughout to allow natural light to penetrate between each of the functional areas. Materials are raw and industrial to suit the existing building.

View of the main entry

View of the entry

View of the lounge area with the street beyond

The front lounge area

View of the entry from the main stair

View from the main stair

View of the main stair

View of the main stair

Looking into the atrium from the offices

The office mezzanine

View of the main office corridor

The main office area

View of a typical office

View into a typical office

View of the central atrium

The central atrium

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